True Price Educates

True Price is very proud to be working with the FIRST TIME BUYERS of the North West! No one ever told my generation how to properly prepare for buying a vehicle! Leaving the teaching process up to our parents and continuing the misinformation cycle generationally. Essentially it was the blind leading the blind for decades and the auto industry has been the greedy beneficiary! Those days are over! True Price is dedicated to educating our youth so that the generations of tomorrow start buying vehicles the right way.

Sadly most of our children don't know the basics of getting prepared to purchase a vehicle or what they need to get started. If you're interested in having us speak at your school, or with your child one on one, please don't hesitate. It's a labor of love for us and a big part of our mission.

Schools That We Have Visited
Kellogg High School
Two Eagle River School
Stevensville High School