Reasons to Hire


1. Dealerships will make it convenient to do everything in house and that will always lead to less than perfect deals.

2. The auto market fluctuates like the stocks on wall street, having someone who follows and understands the market is imperative to getting a great deal!

3. First time buyer, senior citizen, foreigners, single ladies, out of towners... All these demographics need extra help as they are notoriously taken advantage of by dealerships.

4. You've had buyers remorse before and this is a huge purchase, using True Price will ensure that buyers remorse is a thing of the past.

5. All of our customers save more money and have less headaches when they use our services.

6. All of True Price's advocates are former auto industry leaders who now work for you to make a difference.

7. You hate shopping for vehicles... Don't want to deal with salespeople, dealerships, or any of it...True Price has it covered!

8. Even if you think you're getting great deals, you aren't. Let True Price show you how it can be better.

9. Confused, need a basic understanding of how an auto deal works and how to do it right.

10. Because there's nothing to lose... the fee charged for our services are far less than the savings you will receive! Essentially it's free money!