My new friend Yilmaz messaged me the other day regarding a truck True Price had listed. We met up a day later and after a lengthy test drive and some personal conversation, I discovered his fears of being from another country and getting taken advantage of by a dealer. The truck we were test driving was not for him, but he told me that he could really use my advice if he does find something he likes. Vilmaz was very keen on the idea of me being an independent advocate and NOT working for any dealerships.
We found a truck he really liked about 3 hours away, so before he drove all the way over there, I did a vin inspection on that specific truck and checked comparable vehicles as well. I found that a brand new one would be the same price or even cheaper, and actually there are plenty of them already on dealership ground. Yilmaz negotiated the deal just as instructed, and as I predicted he was able to save a pretty substantial amount of money. He was very excited to tell me that my guidance had saved him a lot of money, but most of all he had no buyers remorse!
This is why I love my new job friends, I'm saving people money and providing personal reassurances on big ticket items!