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William Bridges

I've never really bragged about my accomplishments as a dealership employee and I am now only to demonstrate my credibility amongst potential clients!

I am still the most decorated sales employee to ever work at Dave Smith Motors other than Roger Neff. R.I.P. There were 110 salesmen at the dealership in 2020, and that year I broke the annual record by over 80 vehicles, ending the year at 352 pre-owned SOLD.

Subsequently I broke all daily, weekly, and monthly records in sales that year as well. The next year I sold 232 vehicles tying for 3rd place overall while missing two months of work that year. This wasn't a fluke, all the years surrounding my biggest year, I still managed to sell 200+ regularly. In 2022 I left Dave Smith for a Manager position here in Missoula to be closer to my kids.

As a manager of Northwest Motorsport I was able to execute my plan of increasing sales for the dealership and teaching the staff a Facebook strategy that would help salesmen optimize their potential. I was asked to write a social media curriculum for the other branch managers to use and to my knowledge it's still in place today! I was a manager for a short time before I realized that my heart just wasn't in this anymore. I struggled with the decision to leave a great paying career, but during the process I found PURPOSE.

I'm excited to put my years of experience working for the auto industry to work for you! Let's make your next auto purchase together!